Friday, August 22, 2008

Suck It, Chris Hansen

All I know is that if I EVER get busted with an underage girl I am calling the Chinese.

No funsies from me today - I am heading to Pittsburgh for the Pirates vs Cubbies game tonight. You Pittsburghonians can look for me on the TV - I'll be sitting front row in left field wearing my baseball glove like a 6 yr old. My pride won't be making the trip.


Maxie said...

maybe that's how r. kelly got out of it.


nothing like an r. kelly joke first thing on a monday morning.

catscratch said...

Good luck catching a fly ball.

rs27 said...

How Ferris Bueller of you.

Please send Sloan.

Rachel said...

Wait wait wait.


Kelly and José said...

Hope you have a good time :) We tend to plan our Pittsburgh visits around a show (we saw The New Pornographers there earlier this year) and always enjoy ourselves*