Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And Your Dog Ate All Your Homework Last Night

In lieu of a real post today, I am instead going to list my top 5 favorite Saved by the Bell episodes as inspired by recent rumors that they would be reuniting via Jimmy Fallon -

5 - The one where the sleazy guy sells Zach fake class rings so they make Screech look like a badass in the karate outfit. Though after what we know about Mario Lopez now, Screech kicking his ass seems more likely.

4 - The one where Kelly starts dating Jeff and breaks up with Zach at the picnic table outside of prom. What a bitch. Call me.

3 - The one where the students get to be teachers and Kelly makes all the football players take a test during the big Valley v Bayside game. She makes up for it by putting smiley face stickers on their tests. Also one of my favorite scenes ever when Zach tells the final score and they roll the cheesiest football game footage ever. Like not only did Kelly hold them from the game - she also made them travel back to the 70's for the game.

2 - The one where they go to the toga party and get wasted - then end up wrecking their car. I learned a lot from this episode - togas are never ok.

1 - The one where Zach is stuck in detention so he can't win the tickets to Hawaii from the radio show. It gets pretty intense when he dresses a skeleton up as himself and sneaks out of detention - having Screech distract Mr Belding by cutting his bonsai tree. Newer shows like 24 could take a few lessons on how to create drama and make the viewer's heart race.

And in response to Chris's Twitter yesterday - no way is Lisa hotter than Kelly.


Matt said...

I like the senior ditch day episode where zach has to show up everywhere they go and be in class at the same time.

and Kelly is way hotter than Lisa. Sorry Chris.

Ashley said...

I can't really pinpoint a favorite - but I did like the later episodes when they were in college for some reason.

Maxie said...

Totally the sock hop episode.

The one where zach tells everyone to urge slater to move to hawaii b/c he has a fatal illness is awesome because then slater flips it on zach. I love pranksters.

Stephanique1 said...

So many to pick from.

"I'm so excited!...I'm so excited!...I'm-So-Scared"

That'll never get old to me.

Guy Dagata said...
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Guy Dagata said...
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surviving myself said...

I always liked the Malibu Sands Beach Club episodes. Those were awesome.

And you're crazy. Lisa all the way man.

longredcape said...

I love the one where they sing Barbra Ann and break that Elvis statue.

Always a Bridesmaid said...


After reading this, I realized I must have not really ever actually paid attention to any of the episodes. Must have just been staring at JPG and those highlighted locks of his.


Ben said...

Oh c'mon....the oil field episode??

Brad Utrup said...

Wayyyyy too many to pick from....you have all done well.

But, the fact that we are even discussing that Lisa might be hotter then Kelly is disturbing. Did you people have your eyes open while you were watching the show?

Sarah said...

The prom episode was definitely my favorite.

What about when Mr. Belding's cooler young brother wants to take the class on a totally awesome water rafting trip and then bails at the last second. I seem to remember a pretty steamy CPR scene in there as well.

Or when Jesse gets addicted to pills so she can stay up and study all night?!

Or the dance off at The Max!

So good!

Idea #527 said...

On #4, when Kelly breaks up with Zach and the band with Jesse and Slater are in the background singing Michael Bolton "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You?".

Oh and I think you are forgetting one of the best when they had the band? And they became all famous??

For you and your reader's pleasure:

Julie_Gong said...

I personally like the one where Screech dresses up like Zach so Zach doesn't have to go on a date with Mr. Belding's niece.

I'm also going to have to agree with Chris that the Beach Club ones were pretty fantastic!

Lily said...

Togas are sometimes okay in moderation.

In other news, I never watched SBTB because I didn't have cable until 9th grade.

You can feel bad for me. I feel bad for me too.

Andhari said...

I love toga party! As long as I'm not hosting!

lacochran said...

The one where Screech makes a porno?

Worst. Episode. Ever.

LiLu said...

Lisa?? Screech dressed as the maid in the girls locker room while he taped them singing was hotter than Lisa.

JD said...

put your mind to it go for it get down and break a sweat rock and rooooooooooll you aint seen nothing yet.

go down and go for it!

also, the attic episode.

JD said...

put your mind to it go for it get down and break a sweat rock and rooooooooooll you aint seen nothing yet.

go down and go for it!

also, the attic episode.

Karen said...

I agree with Chris that Malibu Sands episodes were great, particularly the Miss Liberty pageant.

And when they make the fake id's and go to the Attic.

One more -- and I can't believe no one's mentioned it -- when they perform the "rap" version of Snow White! BEST EVER.

Katie said...

Mine is the one where Jessie's brother from New Yawk comes in. and Lisa smashes Belding's car.

Oh, and the one with the Hot Nurse.