Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Backstage Pass

I might be the most pathetic person on earf.

I listen to a lot of bands that aren't, what's the word, "popular." But that doesn't stop me from gushing like a little school girl when I see them.

I'll be one of ten people at a show and yet when it is over and the singer is sitting at the bar I'll stare at him like he is some kind of zoo animal. I would shove Brad Pitt down to get a handshake from Craig Finn. Megan Fox would have to hold my beer as I gushed over Tift Merritt. I stood next to Jason Isbell in a record store one time and got so awkward I didn't realize I was holding an Abba record.

I'm about one step away from asking the homeless guy that plays the bongos on my street for an autograph and a picture. It is totally going to be my Facebook profile picture. I can't believe he touched my hand!!! I'm never washing it again.

Which brings us to the Hold Steady concert last night. While talking to The Lady Friend about my love for all things Hold Steady, I compared it to her favorite band, U2.

Me - "Seeing the Hold Steady for me is like when you get to see U2."

Lady Friend - "Except for the part where I have dirty thoughts about the lead singer."

Me - *Blink*

Lady Friend - "My boyfriend is a groupie."

I wish.


moooooog35 said...

I can sing some U2 songs.

Does your girlfriend have any good photos of herself?

Just curious.


Dude - fyi...my first ever contest on my site today.

I expect big things from you my friend, big things.

Put your penis away. It's not that kind of contest.

Ashley said...

Back when Dashboard Confessional was a one man show I was totally a Chris Carrabba groupie. We used to go to shows where there were like 50 people.

Once we chased him down in a parking lot in Grand Rapids so we could all get pictures with him. He's a great guy!

Deutlich said...

I like to use the term "Band-Aid"

So much nicer, ain't it?

Matt said...

you ended up buying that abba record, didnt you?

longredcape said...

If I found myself standing next to Jason Isbell in a record store, I would wet my pants. Twice.

And I'm not talking about urination here.

rs27 said...

Why are women allowed to say that? If a guy said that about a chick we would be clawed to death by the nails of Zeus.

Angela said...

That's how I feel about Sugar Ray. You can laugh now.

taawd said...

God, you really have to put together a CD for me, I know, old school, of your favorites.

Adult libations later this week right?

Lauren said...

Umm - my boy puts on Hold Steady every time we're in the car. I think he, too, has a boy crush. What's WITH that band?!

Andhari said...

I feel the same way about a few under appreciated rappers too. I swear once I get so obsessed with this guy for doing killer beat boxing.